Italian Courses

Our Italian courses are designed for all foreigners wishing to approach our language and increase their knowledge of it for personal or professional reasons. The Italian Courses respect the methodology of ALCE which favours high quality and professional teaching in an informal environment. Teaching integrates the traditional methods for basic grammar and syntax, with an innovative use of audio, video and authentic materials. We recommend this course to students who wish to learn the language and absorb the culture naturally, without rushing, but with no delays

But what really makes the difference is the teacher-student relationship.There is nothing that can influence teaching more positively.

All of our teachers tailor their teaching as far as possible to the needs of each and every student. Correspondingly our classes are small, with a minimum of 2/3 and a maximum of 8 participants . The Italian Course is organised by level to respond to the different needs of the participants.


  1. All year round, with any number of students (from 1 to 8), we run our Italian language and culture courses. We NEVER REDUCE the number of class hours

  2. Duration of 1 hour class: 60 MINUTES

  3. New: ACTIVE ITALIAN. From January 2013 , we operate an upgrade to our GI22 course. GI22 converts into GI23. At our school we offer free Italian workshops (extra learning for free) on every  full time course. 3 weekly lessons after lunch providing additional language practice.

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Why study Italian?

Every year half a million students attend Italian language courses outside Italy, in every country throughout the world. Why?

Italian is a language of culture. Speaking Italian means having access not only to an extremely valuable literary heritage, essential to the history of Europe and to extremely precious humanistic and scientific texts, but also to Italian theatre, music, opera, cinema and television.

Italian is a language of study. Every year a number of students decide to attend our schools, universities, academies and libraries.

Italian is a language of work. Managers, investors, technicians, artisans and workers get in touch with Italy’s word of industry, craft and services, which crosses the borders of our country.

Speaking Italian will turn a visit to our country and its friendly and hospitable people, its artistic cities and its beautiful nature into a real pleasure.


Our different Levels

On the first day the student is asked to take a test to determine his/her level. This test is both written and oral, and is always simple and informal. The test is designed to determine each student’s particular needs. The ALCE teaching programme operates through a series of levels and modules at the end of which the student takes a test to evaluate his progress. These tests are extremely comprehensive and include written comprehension, written composition, oral comprehension, grammar and syntax, dialogue and conversation.

Our academic system is structured to ensure all weak points are identified and dealt with effectively. We arrange also weekly assessments: every friday student are tested to monitorize their progress in learning.


Levels CEF

Levels ALCE

Levels CILS

n. of weeks

A1 - Breakthrough



A1 - Waystage




A2 - Wystage




B1 - Thresold




B2 - Vantage




C1 - EOP




C2 - Mastery





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Intensive - GI23

We recommend this course to students who wish to learn the language and absorb the culture naturally, without rushing, but with no delays.

Groups range from 3 to 8 students; and an excursion and activity programme is included.

This course offers four morning hours of lessons per day, from 9.00 to 13.15, Monday to Friday, plus 3 afternoon hours (one weekly Grammar Workshop - on Mondays - and one afternoon class of Conversation or Phonetic - on tuesday - ) per week

GI23 consists of:

  • Entry placement test

  • 4 lessons per day from 9.00am to 1.15 pm, Monday to Friday

  • 1 weekly afternoon Grammar Workshop (on Mondays, from 2.00 pm to 3.00 pm or from 3.00 pm to 4.00 pm, according to the levels)

  • Conversation and phonetics (rotational) classes on Tuesdays (from 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm)

  • Additional supervised study

  • Italian Film club - every Wednesday afternoon we show an Italian film

  • 1/2 days of “aperitivo” (informal conversation sessions outside the school) for all levels

  • Daily homework

  • Regular test (written and spoken) every 2 weeks

  • Final certificate of attendance and knowledge

  • Final full academic personalized report


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Super Intensive - GI30

This highly intensive course combines our Standard Italian Course AM and Standard Italian Course PM . This course is available all year round, and is ideal for participants who only have 2 or 3 weeks. The course is available at 5 levels (according to European Frame work: A1 beginner / elementary – A2 Pre Intermediate – B1 Intermediate -  B2 Upper Intermediate – C1  advanced)
The course coves speaking, listening, reading and writing skills naturally including   grammar and vocabulary. The main emphasis of this course is on practical communication to build up the vocabulary and help to develop fluency and confidence.  Our classes are usually small, which means that teachers can give the personal attention that students need. Participants are given plenty of opportunities to practise the spoken Italian language through discussions, debates and conversation activities, such as role-play

This course offers students all the facilities of the Intensive course, The course consists of six hours of lessons per week, from 9.00 to 13.15 in the morning and 14.00 to 16.00 in the afternoon, Monday to Friday. Groups range from 3 to 8 students; and an excursion
and activity programme is included.

Important: When are enrolled less than 2 students at the same level, we guarantee, at the same price, 5 one to one afternoon classes per week

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Course fact-file


Only adults (17 & over)

Course Length

A minimum of 2 week. Max: academic year


23 HOURS per week

30 HOURS per week

Class Size

Maximum 8 - Average 3/5


Beginner to advances

Start date

Every monday (Absolute beginners: every first monday of the month)


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Combined 20+5

This course consists of morning classes plus one hour of private (one-to-one) lessons in the afternoon. The private lessons give students the opportunity to concentrate on their own individual needs and interests. The course consists of 25 lessons per week, from 9.00am to1.05pm in the morning and usually 2.00pm to 3.00pm in the afternoon, Monday to Friday (different afternoon schedule may be arranged). Groups range from 3 to 8 students; and an excursion and activity programme is included.

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CILS Preparation Course

This course prepares students for the official CILS exam (Certification of Italian as a Foreign Language), which can be taken at six different levels. This preparation course lasts six weeks and consists of four hours of lessons per day for the first four weeks, and six hours of lessons per day for the last two weeks. Attending this course gives you the chance to take an official exam

>> more informations about CILS - download the flyer

Students can enroll for, 2, 4 or 6 weeks

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Sample timetable



From monday to friday

General Italian


Language focus; grammar


Intensive course





Skills focus: vocabulary development, listening pronunciation in language lab




Readingw workshop; vocabulary development; communication activities


Lunch Time


Conversation classes

Super Intensive GI30 or

Combined (group + one-to-one) GI20+5


Self-study or grammar workshop

All students or

Super Intensive GI30


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One to one General

This is the most personalised option – a class entirely taken as individual lessons. The programme is based completely on your individual needs and will adapt to take account your language development. Experience tells us that this type of course guarantees the very best of results and progress. Both the content and timing of this course can be adapted completely to suit the requirements of the student.

One to one Professional

Both the content and timing of the course can be organised to suit the student's professional needs: business, legal, architectural, scientific, commercial, etc

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Two to one General

If two people are interested in taking lessons together the two-to-one option offers a great opportunity in both financial and educational terms, rapidly increasing communicative ability in Italian for everyday and academic use.

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Two to one Professional

The same arrangement with the possibility to focus on specialist areas for professionals: business, legal, architectural, scientific, commercial, etc

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Business Italian

Our Business Italian courses last fo r 4 weeks, consisting o f 6 hours ofclasses per day, four of which are in a General Italian group and two of
which focus specifically on Business Italian.

(***): When are enrolled less than 2 students at the same level, we guarantee, at the same price, 5 one to one afternoon classes per week

Starting date: every first Monday of each month and on demand.

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Italian for Law

This course consists of 4 lessons in a Standard Language Course plus 1 private tutorials on Italian for law, each day. The course is designed for
those students who are already experts in the field of law in their own language and who are interested in the language of law in Italian for professional reasons or for study. Other dates and schedules on demand. (other starting dates on demand)

The program focuses on different areas of law, aiming at providing students with the basic vocabulary and professional expressions that are most often used. Since it is held that a dry presentation of vocabulary on the subject matter would be of little practical use, each of the fields will be covered through the analysis of "texts" that are presented on video tapes and in written form. Through the study and discussion of texts, the basic vocabulary of the specific topic is laid out. For example, the vocabulary relating to Constitutional Law is presented through readings from the Italian Constitution and from rulings of the Constitutional Court, the vocabulary of Labor Law through readings from national labor contracts, etc. After identifying the basic technical vocabulary and expressions, the student is helped to assimilate them through targeted exercises and discussions.

Since the law field is extremely broad and cannot be covered in a thorough manner in the few available lessons, students may begin the course by planning with the instructor a program with a narrower focus on the basis of their needs, with a concentration on only several topics. In particular, if a student needs to increase his expertise in a specific area for professional reasons, we recommend that he inform us before arriving in order to give the instructor sufficient time to prepare a specific program with selected texts. For example, if a student works in a law office that has contractual dealings with Italian companies, the course may focus on Italian-type contracts and laws on private contracting.

Program example:

Constitutional Law

  • reading of excerpts from the Italian Constitution, for example "Rights and duties of citizens: civil relations"
    exercises on oral and written comprehension from text readings

  • analysis and deeper understanding of a text: summary, paraphrase, translation, identification of areas of law vocabulary

  • on the basis of the vocabulary identified, a general description of Italian Constitutional Law

  • activities to stimulate oral and written production in important legal contex.

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Italian Culture and Conversation Course

These courses explore various aspects of Italian culture, with a particular focus on the spoken language, and are designed for students who wish to learn more about the history of the language, Italian literature and Italian dialects. Every course lasts 2 afternooons, from 14.00 to 16.00 (days arranged according to the weekly schedule, from Monday to Friday).

They act as a perfect addition to morning group classes. The student can attend conversation classes for as many weeks as desired. The start-date for the course is every week.

Important: ONLY as a complement to GI23 course.

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Master Class, Over 45s

This is a course aimed at students over the age of 45. Lessons (which take place in small groups of 3 - 8 students) are designed for learning everyday Italian with a greater focus on spoken language than on grammar and written work. Teachers are aware of the specific needs of older students, of their different learning speeds, and their greater interest in the cultural aspects of Italian, such as customs, festivals, history and literature. The courses last for two weeks with 4 hours of General Italian a day and a specific programme of specially-designed activities and excursions for the over45s. The course programme includes being picked up from Bolognam airport, a welcome drink, 20 lessons a week and a wide range of cultural activities for two days a week, including Italian cookery courses and wine testing sessions. The cost of the course includes entrance to all museums, an evening at the theatre, dinner with the teacher, and a day trips. We are also happy to make reservations at hotels or “Agriturismo” farm accommodation for you.

>> more informations about Master Class - download the flyer

>>> ask for the full detailed programme

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Cooking Classes

These classes are designed to show you the secrets of Italian cuisine. Secrets that spring from the diverse histories of the country’s various regions, all of which boast numerous regional and local specialities. Qualified chefs will help you prepare superb dishes, step by step. The basic techniques are learned ‘over the stove' and at the table, and at the end of each session there is the opportunity to taste exquisite combinations of food and wine. The whole process is summarised in a cookbook for you to take away, which lists the techniques you have used and developed

>>> check the programme

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Wine tasting

These lessons are given by a professional wine expert who will take you on a tour designed to broaden your knowledge of one of Italy’s most typical and traditional products, namely wine. Not only will you learn the theory of wine but above all how to taste wine and how to match it with various foods. The course finishes with a visit to a wine-cellar where you will learn about the various processes used to turn a bunch of grapes into a bottle of wine

>>> check the programme



New Courses 2015


Preparatory Course for University

This course prepares for academic life at an Italian‐speaking university. Our special university preparation course combines Italian language and academic study skills and will give foreign students a good chance of success in the selection process.

The preparatory course is designed for admission into the following faculties:

 Medicine
 Veterinary
 Science
 Pharmacy
 Engineering
 Biology
 Chemistry

Minimum Level: Pre-Intermediate / A2 (European Common Framework)

It lasts 4, 6 or 8 weeks and includes lessons scientific subjects. This reparation course is intended for those students who, due to the "Numerus Clausus" in their own country, are unable to enter the faculty. Admission to Italian university requires an entrance exam (Italian language + scientific subjects).

This preparatory course lasts, 4, 6, or 8 weeks

Tuition: 120, 180, or 240 hours


Firts Starting date: February 2nd 2015


Course fact-file


Only adults (17 & over)

Course Length

4, 6 or 8 weeks


120, 180 or 240 lessons (*)

Class Size

Maximum 8 - Average 3/5

Entry level

Pre-Intermediate (A2) or upper

Start date

Monday, February 2nd 2015


>>> see all details

>>> download the flyer

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"Eight Tour" - Italian on the road


This truly unique and exclusive program combines the opportunity to see some of the most beautiful cities of Italy with daily Italian lessons “on the road”. The program will start in Bologna with stops in the main cities and towns of Art of North and Centre Italy, in Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio.

Students can apply for:

a) One week Italian language course in Bologna + one-week tour

b) Two (ore more) weeks Italian language course in Bologna + one-week tour

“Italian on the road” includes:

  • Classes (15 hours) with our teachers

  • guided visits

  • Transportation by mini-van or private bus

  • Accommodation in *** 3 stars hotels - twin room

  • All breakfasts

  • Dinners (as in the programme below)


"Eight tour" fact-file


Only adults (18+)

Course Length

1 week "on the road" (8 days - 7 nights) + 1 or more weeks in Bologna (Intensive course)


15 hours

Class Size

Maximum 8


2 levels: (A1 + A2) and (B1+B2) or upper

minumum: High elementary or pre-intermediate


on demand - closed groups


>> more informations about "Eight Tour"- download the flyer

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"Italian ... Plus" + Culture + Painting/Drawing + Ceramics/Pottery


If, beyond learning Italian in Italy and a full immersion study abroad stay, you also want an advanced cultural experience in Bologna, you can choose our Italian plus CULTURE courses and combine them with our Italian language courses.

a) Culture: History, Art history, Literature:

Bologna is perfectly situated to offer Italian language students easy access to the beautiful and historically important treasures of North Italy. There is a saying that the “Bolognese” do not realize how beautiful their city is. Actually, they are well aware of it ! Bologna is the result of a magical and alchemic mixture of art and culture We wish to welcome you soon in Bologna, and give you the opportunity to discover a city steeped in history and culture.


"Italian plus" fact-file


Only adults (18+)

Course Length

2 weeks


12 hours (6 classes - 2 hours each)

Class Size

from 1 to 8


Minumum: pre-intermediate


suggested: 3rd monday of each month

every week on demand



>> more informations about "Italian Plus Culture"- download the flyer


b) Ceramics / Pottery :

This program is offered to those who want to learn how to make ceramics and  other forms of art crafts on request. You will be tutored by professional craftsmen at the atelier.

c) Painting / Drawing:

This program is designed to give beginners and more experienced artists, who feel they lack some basic techniques, an introduction to painting and drawing techniques. One of the key objectives of the course is to enable students to learn enough about panting and drawing in its many forms.

"Italian plus" fact-file


Only adults (18+)

Course Length

2 / 3weeks


12 hours (6 classes - 2 hours each)

Class Size

from 1 to 8


Minumum: pre-intermediate


every month


>> more informations about "Italian Plus"- download the flyer

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Quality Italian Language School in Bologna
Learn Italian, Discover Italian Art and Culture, Experience the difference. Italian courses in Bologna




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